A placeholder node that is used to provide a dummy menu item but really redirects elsewhere.
See also rabbit_hole.module

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Presets for a user registration form.

A set of common, standard fields for user profiles. Based on FOAF and VCard.
A successor to vcard.module.

Use this in association with rdfx.module, and the output will be semantically tagged.

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Relational organization structure for managing and displaying staff, team membership and roles, with managers and hierarchical structure. Allows individuals to have multiple roles in different parts of an organization. Includes several views and displays for browsing team structure, designed for large (>200 staff) organizations.

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Integration with the NZ Govt search portal. Provides the NZ required metadata fields when editing pages and publishes them for search engines.
Adds Dublin Core and recommended category tags to page headers.
Extends the Edit UI to allow the metadata fields to be moved around in the edit page. (taxonomy_field)

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Some of the makefiles in use to bootstrap a number of NZGOVT precooked sites.
These are the recipe books used to build template sites from scratch - especially in association with Aegir for New Zealand Government sites

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Creates boilerplate pages for the NZGWS 2.0 requirements for privacy statement etc.
This feature is distributed as part of the NZGOVT-required package, but is also bundled here as a stand-alone for visibility

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A taxonomy of over 1000 structured regions and suburbs within New Zealand.
Geolocation data will be included if you use geotaxonomy, but it is not required. On its own, you will get a hierarchical list of NZ placenames useful for tagging.

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The SONZ, FONZ, Audience, and Document type vocabs for NZGOVT.
This is a feature that uses taxonomy_xml to populate vocabularies on a site.
It will draw from the recommended controlled vocabularies stored off-site, and create 4 new taxonomies filled with recommended terms for classifying content.

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This feature applies the ICT 'Password Minimum Requirements'
by configuring password expiry and complexity restrictions.

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Configure a Drupal site with a connection to a docvert server - preconfigured to the Sparksinteractive 2011 web service.

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