NZGOVT makefiles package

projects[nzgovt_package][location] =

Some of the makefiles in use to bootstrap a number of NZGOVT precooked sites.
These are the recipe books used to build template sites from scratch - especially in association with Aegir for New Zealand Government sites

Because it's handy, here is The official drush make example file for reference.

These are HIGHLY VOLATILE and may point at unavailable repositories or unstable or outdated dev versions of the modules at any time. 2011-10 I haven't got full live git-to-features-server syncing going on, so the stuff you find here may be a little behind the most recent. For that reason, currently some downloads are direct checkouts from non-public places.
Tip: if you find a make file line like

projects[nzgls][type] = 'module'
projects[nzgls][download][type] = 'git'
projects[nzgls][download][url] = ''
projects[nzgls][download][branch] = '6.x-1.x'

You can probably replace it with

projects[nzgls][type] = 'module'
projects[nzgls][location] =

to get not-quite-the-latest-version of whatever was being requested.

If anyine can suggest a fserver+gitorious integration solution, ley me know!

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