NZGOVT Password Policy

projects[nzgovt_password_policy][location] =

This feature applies the ICT 'Password Minimum Requirements'
by configuring password expiry and complexity restrictions.

== Requirements ==

This uses the drupal.og password_policy.module, and configures it
to match the requirements set out in:

== Installation ==

Get the password policy module from
or use the makefile provided.
If this feature is included as part of a package, the makefile should
fetch the additional module for you.

== Version Control ==
This single-use feature is being managed as part of the larger "NZGOVT" web project in our repository, and will be checked out if you get that package. This sub-feature is being exposed as a stand-alone project here just for visibility and documentation.

Repository URL:


Release Package Date
6.x-1.2 Download (18.18 KB) Release notes Oct 25 2011
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